High Fidelity - Rob Gordon

and here's the actual playlist for today...

so I already posted yesterday's list
after a few hours of jamming and cleaning
here's the list for today

[01] the dreaming - solo crucifixion
[02] chevelle - emotional drought
[03] chevelle - vitamin r (leading us along)
[04] taking back sunday - divine intervention
[05] the dreaming - bullet (rough album version)
[06] the dreaming - disconnect
[07] my ruin - rockstar
[08] my ruin - silverlake 6571
[09] my ruin - heartsick
[10] sybreed - synthetic breed
[11] the dreaming - send me an angel (mix 1)
[12] five finger death punch - the way of the fist
[13] my ruin - diavolina
[14] brand new - me vs. maradona vs. elvis
[15] open hand - pure concentrated evil
[16] brand new - sic transit gloria...glory fades
[17] my ruin - made to measure
[18] brand new - you won't know
[19] taking back sunday - liar (it takes one to know one)
[20] my ruin - monster
High Fidelity - Rob Gordon

here's the playlist for today....

actually this is yesterday's playlist
I didn't get the time to post it here like I'd planned

[01] deftones - cherry waves
[02] lacuna coil - comalies
[03] korn - here to stay
[04] type o negative - world coming down
[05] korn ft. skrillex - get up
[06] the children of the plague - heartbreak spills across the periodic table
[07] pantera - where you come from
[08] lacuna coil - stars
[09] nirvana - polly
[10] lacuna coil - veins of glass
[11] type o negative - less than zero
[12] the children of the plague - tragedy engine
[13] type o negative - blood and fire
[14] deftones - root
[15] smashing pumpkins - hummer

any requests for uploading?

no apologies for cluttering your friends page

am i the only one having trouble staying logged in here on livejournal?
everytime i've gone to check a link it makes me re-log in after i just logged in for the 4th time!!! wtf?
can someone explain this to me before i Hulk smash something
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High Fidelity - Rob Gordon

time for another playlist!!!

today it's a baker's dozen of mashups I had on this morning
here's the Morning Mashup Mosh Pit for today:

[01] [ben double m] "she wolf"
[02] [fissunix] "groove betty"
[03] [dj le clown] "wanna be your dog all the days..."
[04] [a plus d] "an honest M.I.A."
[05] [chaos productions] "my other car is a beatle"
[06] [dj bgc] "bomb me a river"
[07] [loo and placido] "toop toop groove"
[08] [dj magnet] "crazy little thing called rehab"
[09] [aggro1] "get your super freak on"
[10] [johnny 180] "super galangalang"
[11] [bud the weiser] "cheesymash"
[12] [celldweller] "disposable war pigs"
[13] [totom] "get this transistor twisted"

any requests for uploading?
somebody sedate me

another sad-ass rant

i'm not happy today
i feel down and bummed out
it's prolly hormones but i feel wiped out and emotionally drained
i'd nearly kill to have another human to speak to right now
everything feels wrong somehow

i'm between worlds
the world in my head that is long gone
and the one that i currently inhabit in the real world
i've been thinking about a lot of stuff
like the way i thought my life would go after highschool
as compared to how it's actually going
or all the people that i once called friends or associates
the people i'm no longer allowed to hang out with anymore
everything and everyone that i ever held close or dear to me in some way shape or form

everything sucks now
i keep thinking my husband's the one to blame
but i don't think that's the case
I feel like it's my own fault somehow
i'm the biggest problem in my own life
i have no more friends left over from junior high or high school to turn to
everytime i try to talk to or about certain people near mike he gets mad about it
he's trying to pick my friends for me
by forcing me to make all new friends all over again
and apparently i'm not allowed to hang out with girls or anyone that's my choice
i just cannot please everyone
especially not my husband, no matter how hard i try
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'nother playlist from my personal hell

the kids are driving me nucking futts today
so how do we deal with loud obnoxious children?
MOTHER'S MOSHPIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so with the powers and efforts of Slayer, Devildriver and My Ruin combined
[plus a bunch more pissed off rockstars]
we bring you this playlist:

[01] devildriver - the axe shall fall
[02] my ruin - stinkface
[03] kittie - we are the lamb
[04] rammstein - rosenrot
[05] kittie - falling down
[06] system of a down - chop suey!
[07] slayer - war ensemble
[08] devildriver - I dreamed I died
[09] killswitch engage - reject yourself
[10] lamb of god - now you've got something to die for
[11] static-x - this is not
[12] killswitch engage - my curse
[13] eternal suffering - the warmth in her torment
[14] killswitch engage - let the bridges burn
[15] primer 55 - the big fuck you
[16] prong - snap your fingers...snap your neck
[17] sepultura - roots bloody roots
[18] morbid angel - bleed for the devil

(as usual) if anyone would like any of the songs, drop me a comment and I can abide
I love sharing music, even when it's of the "disgruntled employee" variety
High Fidelity - Rob Gordon

another music upload post - Kittie mix


Kittie mix CD
16 tracks

[01] brackish
[02] never come home
[03] loveless
[04] I've failed you
[05] charlotte
[06] paperdoll (metal version)
[07] burning bridges
[08] until the end
[09] what have I done?
[10] career suicide
[11] looks so pretty
[12] what I always wanted
[13] into the darkness
[14] mouthful of poison
[15] do you think I'm whore?
[16] run like hell

feel free to snag it and jam along if you want
leave me a comment when you do
let me know what you think of the mix
I love comments about music


we're down in Prairieville visiting family. trying to celebrate easter with a scrooge isn't too much fun, but that's part of the joy and mystique of being with my husband. all I know is that this weekend kicks the crap out of LAST weekend. the husband knows exactly what I mean.

on a more musical note, I've gotten my Nine Inch Nails mix finally. so if anyone gives a damn for some NIN music, you can feel free to snag it.

http://www.mediafire.com/#zmwrlzfpu4ys7 [9in Halos - a Nine Inch Nails mix]
High Fidelity - Rob Gordon

mama's morning mosh-pit playlist

taproot - so eager
taproot - art
fear factory - linchpin
my ruin - stinkface
taproot - forever endeavor
my ruin - nothing is sacred
drowning pool - step up
taproot - violent seas
bjork - army of me [Suckerpunch remix]
my ruin - sycophant
my ruin - monster
my ruin - silverlake 6571
mudvayne - scream with me
otep - blood pigs
soil - breaking me down

I'll upload it later on if anyone cares or wants it